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Hey! After getting fat and drinking beer, the time has come to do something silly. I had some reconstructive surgery on my ankle in November, and what better way to celebrate being able to run for the first time in 6 years than run a marathon? In order that there is benefit to this endeavour, I am asking you to spare a small amount of sponsorship money for WWF Norway. You may know them from their Panda and Rhino saving, but you may not know they were at the forefront of persuading the Norwegian government to divest their $900 Billion pension fund away from coal investment. We need a lobbying voice to tackle problems like climate change, and theirs is an influential one. And the pandas. Did I mention they are cute? Especially the red ones. Any donations, no matter how small, will be hugely appreciated. It will make me run faster. Lots of love Morgan

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Target: 10,000 kr
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