Save the animals
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Save the animals

I know that we all love animals, some people have love for a few and some likes all animals. I personally know it is difficult to save all animals but if everyone can donate a little bit each then we can all save as many as possible. Of course it is best to save every animal out there who is suffering or will suffer. But I know we can do this to save the animals before 2030. Ways for you to help out: 1. You can donate money to WWF 2. Go Vegetarian or Vegan 3. Rewind the climate change back to normal 4. Stop killing animals 5. Stop online shopping from overseas 6. Ban plastic 7. Plant more trees in every country 8. Be more with nature 9. Drive less, use more transport 10. Be happy with what you have I know people can feel insecure about this and I totally understand it. But if you do want to live with a positive future then please do at least something that can save our world before everything does not exist anymore. Before 2030! - Princepanda97

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07.03.2020 01.01.2030



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Save the animals
Neha Bains
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