Let's Help To Save Rhinos
Gcinumzi Koko Hønefoss Neshorn

Let's Help To Save Rhinos

I am a South African who has been living in Norway for four years. I have since watched documentaries and read statistics about the eminent extinction of Rhinos by poachers in South Africa and the rest of Africa. These sad increasing stats have inspired me to do something about this threat. At this current rate, Rhinos will be extinct by the time my grandchildren visit South African safaris. No amout of zoo visits will replace meeting/ spotting Rhinos in their natural habitant. I have therefore, taken on a personal challenge to create awareness for this cause. I am challenging myself to PADDLE on a Stand Up Paddle board on the lakes here in my region, throughout the cold season until the water turns into ice. Let's Help To Save Rhinos

Amount Raised:
Target: 3,000 kr
10/22/2015 5/31/2016



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Let's Help To Save Rhinos
Gcinumzi Koko
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