Save lives this christmas!
Rebecca pettersson Molde Neshorn

Save lives this christmas!

I started this collection to help the rhinos! It's very sad to see what's happening down in Africa. I would love to raise some money and help. You can also be a part of this, and really, anything helps! It's almost christmas, so this can be your present to the animals! When we see pictures of injured animals, we all think something like " I wish I could do something", and many people don't even wanna look at the pictures. but this is reality, and I think it's time to face it. So, Im asking you to just donate some money to them, so they can live on in peace. Thank you :-) If you wanna know more about the situation, you can read this: In late autumn 2010 a helicopter with poachers circled over an area of South Africa. After carefully mapping the movements of a rhinoceros, they sedated her and they cut off the horn with a chainsaw. Poachers took the horn and parts of the skull and left the body behind to die. The next day she was found wandering around in pain. Miraculously enough she survived the attack after intensive veterinary help. In retrospect, she settled with a male rhino, which now helps her survive. Unfortunately not all rhinos are as lucky. In South Africa in 2007, 13 rhinos were killed by poachers. In 2012, it appears that up to 600 rhinos may suffer the same fate. It is criminal networks behind the illegal search of the coveted and endangered rhinoceros.

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Save lives this christmas!
Rebecca pettersson
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