My little Christmas donation :)
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My little Christmas donation :)

Hi! :) As a WWF sponsor member I just wanted to share my little donation for rhinos, elephants and tigers suffering from illegal hunting. If you want to help, do something good and donate for this case it will be the best Christmas gift for these animals, the action of the year + good karma for the New Year to come ;) If not as much so everything helps. :) Xx, Synne Poachers slaughter elephants for ivory and leave the animals to rot. - The same for rhinos in which their horns are saw off with chainsaws while they are still alive. The pain and injuries from these actions leads to a slowly death. The animals' body parts are worth a lot on markets in Asia, where they are traded for more than 65 billion a year!! This makes trading in endangered animals to the world's fifth largest organized crime..... :( See:

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My little Christmas donation :)
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