Save the elephants from cruelty
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Save the elephants from cruelty

Elephants all over the world experiences atrocities. Up to 25,000 elephants are killed each year because of the great demand for ivory in illegal markets in Asia. The elephants in Central Africa is threatened from several quarters, including poaching and increasingly less secure habitats.. Never has poaching and the illegal trade in ivory has been greater or more brutal than now. Criminal networks smuggling ivory border and plowing money into drug and weapons sales. Also, game wardens are affected. More than a thousand of them were killed on the job in the last ten years. Why support WWF? WWF supports rangers who protect the elephants and we are working on the establishment of protected areas where animals can live on safe ground. Our collaboration with the locals is a key for better wildlife management.

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Save the elephants from cruelty
Hannah Ånensen
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